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We work with the incredible Maria Gray over at our Green Hills Boutique Studio. While many of you take classes or privates at our 12th Ave South studio, we also have a wonderful team out in Green Hills, where we teach only private Pilates sessions. While not a Pilates trainer, Maria is the incredible woman healing bodies through massage therapy, so we wanted to introduce her and share more about why we adore her!

Jazz: What gets you up in the morning?

Maria: A few things get me up every morning. If I must be honest, my pets are truly what get me up first thing every morning (they’re always hungry).

But seriously, the sun and the outdoors is what I look forward to the most everyday. I look forward to spending a few mins outside enjoying my flowers and herb garden or just nature when I make the time to go for a walk before work.

Just knowing I can potentially make someone feel or move better after a session is enough to get me out of bed and start my day.

J: What motivates you?

M: Life motivates me. The challenges and obstacles we face motivate me to do and be better as a spouse, a family member, friend, as a therapist, and simply as a human being.

J: What drew you to your career?

M: Hard to say what one thing drew me to this career. I would’ve never picked it on my own. It was suggested to me by my husband. He always told me I had good strong hands when I would work on his back and neck for a few minutes at a time. That in turn triggered memories of my dad telling me the same thing when I was in elementary school. He would get home from work and ask me to work on his back and neck and always sigh and say “you have good hands.” The idea that I can actually help someone get out of pain was very appealing to me. The body always fascinated me, and this was a way to learn more about the human body without going to medical school at such a late stage in my life.

J: Why is it near and dear to you?

M: At first I always thought massage was just something you did as a special treat. I never thought of it as a therapeutic modality. Once I understood and was educated on the benefits of massage and bodywork, it just opened my mind to a different world of holistic care and how it benefits so many on multiple different levels. Sure on a physical level, but the emotional aspects are so amazing to observe as well. There’s nothing like seeing the way people feel and the look of relief and comfort they have post session. Something as short 90, 60, or even a 30 minutes can make such a difference in ones life. I’m grateful to be able to provide positive results along with the physical.

J: What are you hoping to accomplish as a business?

M: My main objective for my business is to make it a safe and comfortable place for people to always experience positive benefits from their sessions with me.

J: Do you foresee any growth in the near future?

M: I do believe there is definite growth potential, and I welcome the chance to expand and hire other therapists in their specialized modalities to enhance the already existing services.

J: What’s your dream vision for your brand/career?

M: My vision for my brand and career is always evolving as the business grows and changes due to our surroundings.

My dream is to always stay consistent and be known as a therapist and company that cares and ALWAYS puts the needs and concerns of clients first.

J: Tell me about your wellness routine.

M: My wellness routine… I need to be better about taking care of myself for starters. I do try to have warm lemon water first thing every morning. I try to eat balanced meals and more protein and veggies most days. Walking everyday along with some stretching is a must for me. Taking my daily supplements and focusing on a positive attitude the majority of the time helps me stay grounded and focused.

Check out Maria for her services and our Green Hills Boutique soon!

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